Week 7 – Teetering

Not Twittering – but teetering.  I have been in seesaw mode with being able to fit everything in.  I will go forward in spite of my struggles.  I will turn off the turmoil in my head and think with clarity.  It will all get done!


Week 6 -Plugging along

Week 6 has gone by with a flash!  Need I say, I’ve not been perfect with my homework.  Ugh.  I had misunderstood and thought that there was no blog posting to be done this week in lieu of our other assignments.   My bad!  So here I am!  I am looking forward to today (Sunday) week#7!  Hope I can follow directions this week!

Week 4 – amazed!

OK, I was out of town over the weekend and had to watch the Sunday video later … don’t think it was yet published Monday night (in Minnesota, that is).  So I watched it on Tuesday YIKES!  I really don’t like “missing out” and getting behind.  That much I know about myself.  I have managed to catch up and am grateful for my work schedule that allows me to work things in intermittently throughout the day.  I have to admit that I am astonished, to say the least, that I have had the discipline to make this happen.  Perhaps I’m retraining my brain??

What an exciting week!  I love learning about how our brains work!  I found the entire movie “What the Bleep do we Know?!” on Amazon prime and watched from beginning to end.  Amazing!  I also found a series on prime with 13 short episodes about the Master Mind with Napolean Hill.  WOW!   I might be addicted!!  haha

I anticipate an exciting week 5!  Until then!

MKE Week 3

Webinar was great!  I plan to re-listen to parts of it.  I am choosing to ignore the negative thoughts that come into my mind when it comes to accomplishing the daily homework we have.   It is easy to travel down the road of overwhelming-ness.  Is that a word?  haha

When thoughts start to circle around my head of thinking that I have a lot to do, I am replacing them with the thought of “Just Do It Now!” It really helps me to change gears and get out of my old ways.  Plus the great feeling of accomplishment is amazing!  I actually finished something!

This blog is becoming therapeutic for me, even though my comfort zone is to be totally anonymous.  Perhaps I am changing??

MKE Week 2 – Getting in the Groove

In spite of going through a massive kitchen remodel this past week, I have prioritized my life to stay in the groove of working on my assignments and staying focused!   Being a student is definitely a change in my daily life but I love it!   I look forward to doing my work and already feel as if I am becoming more disciplined than I ever have been.  YAY!

MKE Week 1 – Overwhelmed!

After our first class on Sunday, I came out feeling slightly overwhelmed, but also confident that I could sort through everything and come up with a daily plan to stay on track.  The class was full of a lot of information and the outline of the slides is very helpful to refer back to.

As I am a private and introverted person, my fears are mostly in putting thoughts into cyberspace for all or anyone to see.  A blog is very much out of my comfort zone.  This a first for me.  I’ve often wondered how a person comes up with so much to write about, so we shall see what happens!

I’m super excited to retrain my brain to become the person I have always meant to be.  I’m looking forward to the challenge and discipline.  I’m also very curious, although excited to discover my Definiteness of Purpose.   Til next week……