MKE Week 3

Webinar was great!  I plan to re-listen to parts of it.  I am choosing to ignore the negative thoughts that come into my mind when it comes to accomplishing the daily homework we have.   It is easy to travel down the road of overwhelming-ness.  Is that a word?  haha

When thoughts start to circle around my head of thinking that I have a lot to do, I am replacing them with the thought of “Just Do It Now!” It really helps me to change gears and get out of my old ways.  Plus the great feeling of accomplishment is amazing!  I actually finished something!

This blog is becoming therapeutic for me, even though my comfort zone is to be totally anonymous.  Perhaps I am changing??


2 thoughts on “MKE Week 3

  1. Susan Great blog post! I can relate with the wanting to be anonymous… I wrote my MKE blog through my Yorkie last year if you want to take a peak at it… It has current stories and the old MKE blog posts. Unfortunately technological issues for the past three weeks so no new stories.


  2. Right there with ya, the whole overwhelming-ness thing. And yes, I’m SURE that’s a word. If not, we’ll vote and make it one. Just kept feeling last week like I was flapping around out the back window of the MKE bus hanging on by a tether. And I know what you mean about that sense of accomplishment. Sometimes I’ll walk into the garage just to look at the pile that isn’t in the middle of the floor anymore. Keep on blogging!!!

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