MKE Week 1 – Overwhelmed!

After our first class on Sunday, I came out feeling slightly overwhelmed, but also confident that I could sort through everything and come up with a daily plan to stay on track.  The class was full of a lot of information and the outline of the slides is very helpful to refer back to.

As I am a private and introverted person, my fears are mostly in putting thoughts into cyberspace for all or anyone to see.  A blog is very much out of my comfort zone.  This a first for me.  I’ve often wondered how a person comes up with so much to write about, so we shall see what happens!

I’m super excited to retrain my brain to become the person I have always meant to be.  I’m looking forward to the challenge and discipline.  I’m also very curious, although excited to discover my Definiteness of Purpose.   Til next week……


3 thoughts on “MKE Week 1 – Overwhelmed!

  1. You can do this Susan! I too felt very overwhelmed the first week or two and it took me a bit to get into a routine. Reach out if you need help. I’m confident you’ll find your rhythm. Thank you for being willing to share your journey with us. ❤

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